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Probing for Answers

Since Weber has acquired the iGrill series, it is slated to become a household name whenever grilling is mentioned. The capabilities of the device are second to none, and it has been noted as one of the most innovative, and convenient products on the market.

I’m sure you would like to know more about the iGrill series of products, so let’s begin with the essential accessory, the Probe!


The Pro Meat Probe is specifically designed for precision temperature tracking with the iGrill 2 and iGrill mini. This heavy-duty meat probe, measures between -22°F and 620°F with a length of 48cm, and is designed for extreme grilling and smoking. It also comes with a cord wrap that mounts perfectly on the back of your unit and snaps together with your additional probes.

The Pro-Level Ambient Temperature Probe is a must for mastering your grilling abilities! Although the Ambient Probe and the Meat Probe are similar, the Ambient Probe is NOT used for cooking. Simply set your minimum and maximum temperatures within the free iDevices Connected app, and receive alerts if your grill or smoker gets too hot, or too cold. Essentially, that gives you the leisure of knowing the temperature of the air compressed within the grill, at all times!


Pro Meat Probe

1 iGrill Pro Meat Probe

1 Probe Wrap

4 Colored Probe Indicators

Ambient Probe

1 iGrill Ambient Probe

1 Probe Wrap

4 Color Probe Indicators


Probes are extremely sensitive, so it can be difficult to take care of them. Check out this link which includes some useful tips to keeping your probes in pristine condition!

Basic rules for electronics apply here. The grill or smoker can be a hostile environment for electronics, but you can still limit the amount of excess heat and moisture your probes come in contact with. And remember, washing the entire probe way is strongly advised against. Instead, we recommend cleaning just the probe end in a sanitary way. With proper and safe usage, you can ensure a much longer lifetime for your probes so you can continue grilling and cooking delicious food!


No need to worry about probes not being compatible with specific iGrill devices, as they are interchangeable between all of them!

  • iGrill 2
  • iGrill mini
  • iGrill


The best way to attain any probe is to visit our website at We have a selection of iGrill specific products to make your purchasing experience as simple and hassle-free as possible.

Let’s face it: Before this, did you have the probe all figured out? This was formulated to showcase that it takes little to no knowledge to become a “Probe Pro”, but nonetheless there are guidelines to ensure the continuing usage of these products.

Understanding the probes can also be an ideal confidence booster, no longer will you have to worry about damaging them or how to properly read the temperature of the food you can’t wait to eat.