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Mother's Day Giveaway

When I grill and smoke foods, I do it for the love of others.  It is the most honest gift I can give to my family and friends because it truly comes from my heart.

I spend countless hours preparing, researching and testing new and creative ideas to ensure each meal is delivered perfectly when it hits the plate.  Each time I envision a meal, I start by choosing which Weber am I going to use. I then follow with what type of meat I am going to be grilling. 

When grilling, I need two things, the best grills possible (obviously Weber) and great quality meat.  These two things are the most important part of any recipe because without each other, you have nothing.

With Mother’s Day right around the corner I want the absolute best results when heading out to my Weber grills. I have to because I am honoring one of the greatest women I know, my mom. 

This year I was lucky enough to meet my new friends at Snake River Farms, and they introduced me to their awesome products lines.

Snake River Farms beef can be described as American-style Kobe or American Wagyu and pork which is Kurobuta (100% Berkshire)   When it comes to meat and pork they are at the top of my list.  I have grilled many of their different cuts and truly loved the experience. The flavor and consistency of their products are top notch and I know my mom is going to love them. 

After grilling with some of their products, it got me thinking—wouldn’t it be great to be able to get our Weber family members some products to grill with for Mother’s Day?  So we are offering 2- 4 packs of 8oz filet mignon to 2 separate winners for a Mother’s Day gift pack. 

I hope you appreciate Snake Rivers Farms meat as much as I have and truly hope your mother does too.  Happy Mother’s Day and Happy Grilling!!

Tell us why you should win by commenting below. We will randomly select 2 winners on Friday, May 9th at 9:30am ct. 

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WINNERS are: George C and John M! Check your email!