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Covers and Carry Bags



Premium Grill Cover

Built for Spirit II 200 and Spirit 200 series
Embrace the pouring rain, freezing snow, and scorching sun. The lightweight yet durable Premium Grill Cover makes it easy to pull on and off your grill. Its fastening straps keep it from blowing into your neighbor’s yard, and water-resistant material helps maintain a clean, sleek surface.

Fits: Spirit II 200 series and Spirit 200 series gas grills

Material: Polyester

Part #7138

  • Out Of Carton Dimensions
    107cm H x 68.5cm W x 122cm D
    Individual Carton Dimensions
    25.5cm H x 10cm W x 18.5cm D
    Care Instructions
    Spot clean only
    Spirit II 200 series and Spirit 200 series gas grills
฿ 2,225.00

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