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Display error codes or blinking LED lights

If you are observing error codes, an "8.8.8" repetition, or other blinking lights on the LED display, it is most likely an issue related to the batteries currently installed in the Weber iGrill Classic unit.

Please try the following to resolve the issue:

  • Immediately remove and discard the four factory supplied batteries that came with the Weber iGrill Classic package or remove and discard the batteries that are currently installed.
  • Next, install four brand new AA disposable alkaline batteries, such as Energizer or Duracell. A brand new set of batteries resolves virtually all electronic issues with the Weber iGrill Classic.
  • You will need to reset the Weber iGrill Classic Bluetooth® connection and re-pair with your mobile device once more.
If the problem persists, please follow up with our customer support team at support@weberstephen.com for a prompt response.

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