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Why Does "---" Display as the Temperature Reading in the Weber iGrill App?

There are a few reasons why the Weber iGrill app may display “- - -“ when connected to your Weber iGrill 2. In order to fix this, you will need to forget or reset the Bluetooth® pairing on your smart device and perform a reset of the Weber iGrill 2. To do so, follow these steps:

The existing Bluetooth® Smart pairing must be deleted from the Bluetooth Settings menu:
  1. Per the user manual, make your way to your device’s Bluetooth® settings.

  2. Select the Weber iGrill 2 pairing listed followed by "Forget this device,” essentially deleting any previous connection between the Weber iGrill 2 and your smart device.

Perform a Weber iGrill 2 unit reset:
  1. Separate the Weber iGrill 2 from its base.

  2. Open the battery compartment by rotating the battery door counter-clockwise.

  3. Remove the battery for 30 seconds.

  4. Replace the battery. 

  5. Hold down the reset button in the battery compartment for about 5 seconds. When the Weber iGrill 2 has reset successfully, the Smart LED will glow white. Replace the battery door.

  6. Open the Weber iGrill app with the Weber iGrill 2 powered on and in range to re-pair it and view the temperature readings.

If these steps do not prompt the Weber iGrill app to resume displaying the temperature readings, please contact us at support@weberstephen.com

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