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Trussing Chicken for a Rotisserie

Fp 3 C1 Truss0

1. With the breast side facing up, slide a 1-meter piece of butcher's twine under the back and drumsticks.

Fp 3 C1 Truss2

2. Cross the twine just above the drumsticks.

Fp 3 C1 Truss3

3. Wrap the twine around the drumsticks and pull toward the outside to bring the drumsticks together.

Fp 3 C1 Truss4

4. Pull the twine tightly along each side of the chicken between the joints of the drumsticks and the thighs.

Fp 3 C1 Truss5

5. Tie the two ends of twine together between the neck bone and the top of the breast. Pull tightly to bring the legs up against the breast.

Fp 3 C1 Truss6

6. After you cut off any dangling twine, the chicken is ready for grill-roasting or cooking on a rotisserie.