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Top 10 Ways To Add Flavor To Your Turkey

  1. Brining adds moisture and salt to your turkey, which brings out amazing flavors.
  2. Use woods to enhance the turkey by adding savory aromas and flavors.
  3. Season under the skin with a combination of butter, Italian seasoning and bacon bits.
  4. Fill the cavity of the bird with half a bottle of beer like Sam Adams or another heavy lager and add fruits such as apples and oranges and/or veggies such as onions, celery and peppers. Cook breaded stuffing outside of the turkey. 
  5. Season the outside with olive oil, salt, pepper, garlic and other seasonings that you enjoy.
  6. Baste the turkey with fresh beer, wine or juice every hour. The natural sugars will help caramelize the outside of your turkey, giving it a nice crispy and flavorful skin.
  7. Injecting with butter or apple juice will add flavor, moisture and help penetrate down into the meat, which will make the turkey more flavorful.
  8. Use bacon! You can use bacon strips on the outside of the skin, you can also baste with bacon grease, inject with bacon grease, wrap with bacon, use minced bacon bits under the skin or just snack on the bacon while you are grilling!
  9. Steam by adding 2-3 liters of beer, wine, juice, or water to the water pan in your smoker.  The steam will help release moisture, which will add flavor, color and aroma to your turkey.
  10. Glaze the turkey once the turkey breast hits 150-155 degrees. A great glaze idea is to combine 3 tablespoons of butter, ¼ cup bourbon and 1/2 cup of maple syrup in a pot over a side burner on low heat. Cool and then use it as glaze, just keep the turkey on the grill until it reaches 165.  

Before you carve into that beautiful bird, share your pictures on social media with us! #BestTurkeyEver 

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