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How to Maintain Your Grill if You Live Near The Coast

If your grill is located in a coastal or humid area or if chlorine is present in your environment additional maintenance will be needed to prevent rust and keep up the appearance of the exterior stainless steel parts. Below are a couple of helpful tips:

1.  At the first sign of staining, discoloration, or surface rust we recommend cleaning with a stainless steel cleaner, such as Noxon 7 to remove the rust, followed by the Weber Stainless Steel Polish to preserve the shine. Continue to use the stainless steel polish periodicaly to keep your grill looking its best.

2.  Once a week we recommend wiping down the grill with a wet towel or rag and then drying completely.  This will remove any harmful salt or chemicals from the grill’s exterior.

3.  We suggest only covering your grill in the event of inclement weather.