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Top 10 Holiday Appetizers

If you are entertaining this holiday season, then having appetizers that really make your party stand out are a must! Here are 10 of our favorite grilled appetizers.

  1. Steak skewers are easy to make and sure to be a crowd favorite!
  2. Feature a specialty appetizer this holiday season with oysters!
  3. This retro shrimp recipe has been a favorite for years!
  4. Brie is always one of my favorite holiday appetizers and it’s even better when grilled.
  5. Wow your guests by skewering dates stuffed with blue cheese and pecans.
  6. If you are going to serve a dip then this grilled Spanish onion dip is a must.
  7. Filet crostini? Yes, please!
  8. Bet you can’t eat just a few of these caramelized pecans.
  9. Grill some fruit like strawberries for a light, sweet appetizer.
  10. These planked sausage cups AND red pepper bites are awesome bite sized appetizers that will have your guests asking for more!

Get more holiday inspiration here! Share your #25DaysofGrilling memories with us!