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Top Grilling Accessories for Dad

Father's Day Grill Gifts & Accessories

When it’s all about Dad, Make it all about the grill. A great dad deserves the very best, so here are 10 fantastic suggestions that will make his day. Don’t forget you can mix and match these products to make the ultimate Father’s Day gift.

  1. Grill Brushes for Dad
    1. A new grill brush can make a world of difference on your grill’s cooking grates. The Weber Bamboo Grill Brush and Scraper has a long handle, scraper for tough spots, and a cord to hang on a hook. 
  2. The BBQ Gloves Dad Needs
    1. Keep your dad safe with the Weber Premium Barbecue Gloves. The silicone grip pattern on the palms make handling tools and cookware a breeze. Comes in a set of two.
  3. For Dads Who Love Charcoal Grilling
    1. For the charcoal grill lover, the Chimney Starter is a true necessity. Just fill it with charcoal and set it in the grill with lit lighter cubes underneath. In no time, the charcoal will be hot, ashed-over and ready to use.
    2. Also for charcoal grills, the Hinged Cooking Grate has long since gone from a luxury to a necessity. With its flip-up sides, it’s easy to add charcoal, or remove it, when the food requires a longer cooking time and a consistent temperature.
  4. Gifts for Dads Who Love Ribs and Roasts
    1. To make cooking easier and larger foods easier to reposition, the Weber Rib and Roast Holder provides either function. It’s made of plated steel, is dishwasher safe, and conveniently fits most grills.
  5. Add a Little Smoke
    1. If your dad loves to tinker with the grilled taste of his masterpieces, he’ll simply love the Weber Stainless Steel Smoker Box. Just add flavored wood chips like pecan, mesquite, apple, or cherry and food will be infused with smoky flavor.
  6. Grill the Perfect Burger
    1. To create perfect hamburger patties every time, your dad would definitely like the Weber Original Burger Press. It makes either ¼-lb or ½-lb patties with a dimple in the middle for optimum grilling goodness.
  7. Do It All 
    1. For the pièce de résistance check out the Weber Original Gourmet BBQ Cooking System. Your dad is a man of many moods and a GBS Griddle could be what he’s been looking for, or maybe it’s a Gourmet BBQ System Pizza Stone. But don’t stop there…  a treasure trove of finely manufactured select products in this group reside here.