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Top 4th of July Grilling Tips

Grilling today? We've got you covered with all of the top questions that we get asked each year.

I'm going out to buy a new grill, what are my options? You might check out our brand new Genesis II line of gas grills, there is a grill for every lifestyle in this series. See all of the grilling versatility of this line here. If you are looking for charcoal, check out our Summit Charcoal Grill, this grill is a smoker and a charcoal grill. Or if you need to explore all of our options, check out the whole line of Weber grills here

I need a recipe for todayGood news, we have lots and lots to choose from to get inspired! Go here, here and here.

I'm smoking some ribs, help!  Get our top rib tips here.

I'm going to do some low and slow smoking today. What tips do you have?  We've got lots of smoking tips for smokers, charcoal and gas grills here

My grill needs some cleaning. What should I do? This is such a big topic, we have so many tips for you depending on your grill and what type of cleaning you want to do. Go here to scroll through all of our cleaning tips. 

I need some help with my grill. First, check out our troubleshooting tips in the blog here. Then go to our top FAQ page. If you still can't find what you need, email us at or call us at 800-446-1071. 

Be sure to share your grilling pics with us on FacebookInstagram and Twitter! #Grillon