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Question of the Week

Are grills owned by condo associations, multiple dwellings or resorts covered by warranty?

This is a very common question and important to know when trying to replace parts for your grill or when deciding on purchasing a grill.

Per our owner’s guide:

For safety reasons, our warranty applies to private single family home or apartment use only and does not apply to Weber grills used in commercial, communal or multi-unit settings such as restaurants, hotels, resorts or rental properties. Warranties are also not transferable and apply to the original owner only.

You know that neighbor or family member that borrows your stuff and doesn’t return it in the same condition?  The same thing applies here. If multiple people other than the original owner are using the grill we do not know if the proper maintenance is being done, if the grill is being properly used or abused, if parts have been swapped out and so on.