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How to Connect a Hose to the Sideburner

Connecting a hose to a side burner can be a little bit tricky, and from time to time someone will reach out to us for help making the connection, so we’ve put together a short video showing how to do so.

There are two basic parts to the connection. There is the “female” fitting which is on the end of the hose coming from the manifold, and the “male” fitting which is on the end of the side burner valve.

The female fitting has a brass collar that needs to be pulled all the way back before pushing it onto the male fitting. Wait until you feel the fittings click together, and then push the brass collar all the way forward until it locks in place.

Make sure to gently tug on the connection to make sure the parts are properly engaged.

If you are still having trouble, try applying a small amount of soapy water to the fittings and try again.