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Grill Lights



Grill Light

Flexible neck, clamp mounts to *most surfaces
Whether grilling in the bright sun or under the dim moon, see your food in the same light. The powerful LED of the Weber Grill Light illuminates the entire cooking area of the grill so that you see the true color of your food, no matter what time of day.

Part #6531

  • Out Of Carton Dimensions
    8.89cm H x 7.11cm W x 62.48cm D
    Individual Carton Dimensions
    21.84cm H x 7.11cm W x 14.48cm D
    • Features
      Flexible neck allows you to direct light where needed
      Powerful LED illuminates the entire cooking surface of the grill
      Clamp mounts both vertically and horizontally to most surfaces up to 1.5 inches
      Durable, weather-resistant design
      3 AAA batteries (included)

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