Meet Kevin Kolman
BBQ Expert and Grill Master

Meet Kevin Kolman

Kevin’s foundation of grilling, smoking and barbecuing started at Weber, Inc. Kevin has been traveling around the world, cooking, teaching, and inspiring thousands of people to get outdoors and grill for almost two decades. Kevin’s true passion is for outdoor grilling and using food to bring people and cultures together. He continues to help people improve and perfect their grilling skills through TV, radio, podcast appearances, how-to videos, and social media. He has taught BBQ classes all over world including 16 different countries stretching as far as Japan, Singapore, Germany and Denmark. He brings passion, depth, and experience to all that he does.

He also developed the curriculum for and helps co-instruct a popular Barbecue Science course at The Ohio State University. Kevin is a standing panelist at The Camp Brisket at Texas A&M University, and is a certified Kansas City Barbecue Judge. Kevin has competed in and judged World BBQ championships with and against the best Pit Masters in the world.

Kevin continues to test the mechanics of what’s inside the grills—from gas, charcoal, pellet, to smokers and electric models. It’s this level of expertise that makes Kevin a highly sought after expert and ambassador of grilling, smoking and barbecue.

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