Meet Justin Sutherland
Chef, restauranteur, iron chef winner and host of Fast Foodies

Meet Justin Sutherland

Chef Justin Sutherland is classically trained in French cuisine and returned to his southern roots with the opening of his first restaurant, Handsome Hog, in St. Paul, MN, where he elevates his pork-centric contemporary southern dishes to the next- level. Under the Sutherland brand, Justin operates multiple award-winning restaurants including the Handsome Hog, Obachan and Chicken, Chickpea Hummus Bar, The Gnome, Elote, and Gray Duck Tavern. He has received global recognition for his bold, lusty cooking and dedication to American locality through artisan and seasonal ingredients across a multitude of cuisines.

Justin is also the co-owner of Hybrid Nation, a socially-conscious streetwear and lifestyle brand that acts as a catalyst for the continuation of action and conversation on promoting the importance of diversity and social equality. Sutherland stayed active during his restaurants’ closures due to COVID-19 by co-founding the North Stands, an organization supporting hospitality workers.

As a multi-award winning culinary artist and the host of TruTV’s Fast Foodies, he has been recognized by local and national publications for his contribution to the culinary world and his philanthropic endeavors and community involvement.

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