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Learn about the connectivity of your Weber iGrill 3.

Initial Connection

Be sure that Bluetooth® is enabled in your device settings and power on your Weber iGrill 3. Open the Weber iGrill App and select Weber iGrill 3 from your Device Manager (reached by tapping the Weber iGrill logo on the top bar of your app). The Weber iGrill 3 will request to pair automatically. When the Smart LED is solid blue, you are now connected.

Additional Connections

To pair an additional Weber iGrill product to your device, simply power on the unit and select the corresponding product name in your Weber iGrill App Device Manager (reached by tapping the Weber iGrill logo on the top bar of your app).

Working with Bluetooth®

Bluetooth® is the technology that allows Weber iGrill to wirelessly connect to your device. For more information on how Bluetooth® works and how to set it up, visit these support articles.


The Weber iGrill 3 features the latest technology called Bluetooth® Smart. Currently, the devices listed below are compatible with your Weber iGrill 3. As this technology expands into the market, more and more devices will be Bluetooth® Smart Ready.

  • iPhone®
    (4S and higher)
  • iPod touch®
    (5th gen. and higher)
  • iPad mini™
    All Models
  • iPad®
    (3rd gen. and higher)
  • Android
    (4.3+ Devices with Bluetooth Smart)

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