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I am having difficulty pairing my Weber iGrill 3 with my Android smart device. Help!

If the iGrill 3 appears in your Bluetooth settings with the status ‘Not Connected,’ follow these steps from your Bluetooth settings menu:

  • Tap on the icon to the right of the device and tap ‘Unpair’
  • Turn Bluetooth off on your smart device
  • Completely shut down your smart device
  • With the iGrill 3 still powered on, press the power button on the front of the faceplate for 15 seconds to reset the iGrill 3
  • Power on your smart device and turn Bluetooth back on
  • Tap on the iGrill logo in the toolbar at the top of the app and select your iGrill 3 from the drop-down menu. Your smart device will pair with the iGrill 3 and you are ready to configure your settings and start grilling!

If you are having intermittent Bluetooth issues with your Android device and want to restart Bluetooth from the app:

  • Tap ‘More’ located at the bottom of the app
  • Tap ‘Support’
  • Tap ‘Restart Android Bluetooth’ and ‘Restart’ when prompted

Bluetooth will restart on your Android device and you will have the ability to pair. If you do not see the iGrill 3 in your Bluetooth settings, please ensure that you are using the Weber iGrill app.

If you have any further questions, please contact our iGrill team at support@weberstephen.com. 

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