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How should I care for my probes?

Pro Meat probes should always be inserted into the thickest, center part of the meat being cooked for an accurate temperature reading.

When using Pro Meat Probes that are included with the iGrill 3, be sure to route the probe wire through the slot on the side of the cook box where it will not be exposed to flames or temperatures exceeding 716° F (380° C).

The Pro Ambient Probe, sold separately, should be clipped between two grates inside your grill, smoker, or oven. Ensure the tip of the probe does not touch the grates. Route the probe wire where it will not be exposed to flames or temperatures exceeding 716° F (326° C).

The probe wraps included with your iGrill 3 are meant for convenient storage of your probes when not in use.

The colored probe indicators are for visual identification of the probe(s) within the app and cosmetic purposes only. They are not designed for heat safety.

The probes should be cleaned by wiping them down with a damp towel or sanitary wipe. The probes are not dishwasher safe. Take precaution, making sure to not get the wiring of the probes wet as well as the area where the wiring meets the probe. The probes are not waterproof and damage may result from water exposure. Never submerge your probes in water.

Temperatures below -22° F or above 572° F (-30° C or above 300° C) will not display in the Weber iGrill App and will cause the probe to disappear from connection.

To wrap your probe(s):

  • Hold the probe wrap so that the clip segment is on the bottom left and the logo is legible in the center of the probe wrap
  • Snap the probe into the probe wrap’s clip, ensuring that the probe’s body follows the contour of the probe wrap and leaves a ½ inch gap between the probe and the wire channel of the probe wrap. The tip of the probe should be pointed downward
  • Wrap your probe’s wire clockwise around the probe wrap
  • When you reach the adapter end of the probe wire, it can be inserted into the probe wrap’s wire channel to secure the wrapping
If you have any further questions, please contact our iGrill team at support@weberstephen.com.
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