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How do I mount the Weber iGrill 3 onto my Weber® Genesis® II or Weber® Genesis® II LX grill?

To mount your iGrill 3, follow the printed instructions enclosed with your iGrill 3. Your iGrill 3 will mount to the right side table of Weber® Genesis® II and Weber® Genesis® II LX grills.
  • The iGrill 3 mounts to the front of the right side table, replacing the iGrill 3 ready panel. On Weber® Genesis® II LX grills, it will replace the LED Fuel Gauge
  • The battery pack mounts to the underside of the right side table
  • The iGrill 3 comes with a magnetic fuel level sensor. This allows the Fuel Gauge in the Weber iGrill App to display the fuel level of your LP tank (not available for natural gas grills)
  • For Weber® Genesis® II LX grills, connect the wiring harness of your grill to the iGrill 3 to control the lights feature of your grill using the Weber iGrill App
Use a soft cloth to clean the iGrill 3. Do not use any chemicals or abrasive cleaners.

If you have any further questions, please contact our iGrill team at support@weberstephen.com.
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