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How do I connect my Weber iGrill Classic with an Android device?

Please note: This is a non-standard process because of the wide range of Android devices currently available in the marketplace.

When troubleshooting a potential Bluetooth® issue with the Weber iGrill Classic, it is imperative to delete any previous connections.

To do so, follow these steps:
1. Make sure the Weber iGrill Classic unit is powered OFF.
2. Remove all four batteries for 10 seconds.
3. Reinstall the four batteries. The Weber iGrill Classic should remain powered OFF.
4. On the Android device, make sure Bluetooth® is set to ON.
5. Activate the setting or option on your Android device to "Search or Scan for Devices".
6. With the Weber iGrill Classic turned OFF, perform the “3-Button Reset” on the Weber iGrill CLassic to enter Bluetooth® pairing mode:

  • Press and hold the plus (+) and minus (–) buttons.
  • Press and hold the power button. All three buttons are now being pressed.
  • Continue holding all three buttons down until you hear a long steady beep.
  • Release the buttons.
  • The 2-3 second beep will indicate the Weber iGrill Classic has been cleared of any previous Bluetooth® pairings.

7. After a few seconds, “iGrill2-####” will appear as “Not Paired” in the Bluetooth® device list on the Android device.
8. Tap the “iGrill-####” to change the status from “Not Paired” to “Paired”

If these steps fail to establish a Bluetooth® connection between the Weber iGrill Classic and the Android device, try all the steps again with a fresh set of batteries after discarding the factory supplied batteries.

These steps are only necessary the first time pairing an Android device with a Weber iGrill Classic, when you change batteries, or when connecting to a different Android device.

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