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Bluetooth® Range, Connectivity, and General Electronic Issues - Change the Batteries!

A fresh set of batteries resolves virtually all electronic issues with the Weber® iGrill®!

For a very small group of Weber® iGrill® units, there may be a potential issue with the strength and quality of the Bluetooth® signal when using the factory supplied batteries, either out-of-box or after a short period of time. 

This quick fix will resolve nearly all Bluetooth® range issues, any connectivity and pairing issues, or general electronic issues with the Weber® iGrill®.

  • Immediately remove and discard the four green HW factory supplied batteries or remove and discard whatever batteries you currently have installed in the Weber® iGrill®

  • Install 4 brand new AA disposable alkaline batteries

  • "Forget this Device" for the old Weber® iGrill® connection on your mobile device, and then perform the 3-Button Reset on the Weber® iGrill® unit

If the problem with your Weber® iGrill® persists, please follow up with our support team for a prompt response.
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