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Weber iGrill Classic Head Unit Safe Usage Guidelines

To ensure safe usage of your Weber iGrill Classic and to prevent damages not covered under the 2-year Warranty, please follow these guidelines:
  • Do not expose the Weber iGrill Classic to any form of liquid. If cleaning is required, do so with cleaning wipes or solutions approved for use with electronics.
  • Do not drop the Weber iGrill Classic
  • Do not allow battery acid to leak within the battery compartment
  • Do not leave the Weber iGrill Classic in direct sunlight
  • Do not place the Weber iGrill Classic base on a surface which radiates high heat as this could melt it. If it's too hot to touch, it's too hot for the Weber iGrill Classic!
  • Do not store the Weber iGrill Classic for an extended period of time with its battery installed
  • Do not expose the Weber iGrill Classic to ambient temperatures below 32 degrees Fahrenheit or above 110 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Do not plug any devices other than authorized Weber iGrill Classic probes into the Weber iGrill Classic probe ports
  • Do not attempt to open, service, or otherwise modify the Weber iGrill Classic or its internal components
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