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Can I connect the Weber iGrill Classic to more than one smart device?

The Weber iGrill Classic can only pair with one Bluetooth® enabled smart device at a time.

For example, if your Weber iGrill Classic is currently paired with an iPhone®, you will need to clear the saved connection data entirely for both the Weber iGrill Classic and the iPhone® before pairing your Weber iGrill Classic with another mobile device, such as another iOS or Android device.

Follow these steps to connect to a different device:
  • In your smart device's Bluetooth® settings, select "Forget this Device" to delete any previous parings listed for the Weber iGrill Classic
  • With the Weber iGrill Classic powered off, press and hold the + and - buttons at the same time
  • While continuing to hold down those buttons, press and hold the power button
  • You will hear a long beep and the blue flame will begin to blink blue.
Proceed to connect your Weber iGrill through your new smart device's Bluetooth® settings.

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