Gearing Up to Grill Your Holiday Meal?

Well, indirect grilling is the name of the game. This video blog post has great tips for making your feast a success; with information on what tools to use, how to setup your charcoal or gas grill and other tricks of the trade.

Happy Holidays and Happy Grilling!

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Melanie S

what is the largest size turkey I can roast on my summit 670? Need to feed 22 people. Thank you


Kevin Kolman

I would say at least 34-36 pounds. I have gone up to 40 but very hard to find a turkey that size. You can always do two 20 pounders on your 670. Keep the outside burners on medium and the middle burners off. If you have any other questions you can find us here or on Facebook and Twitter at Kevin Kolman's backward and always happy grilling!! #BestTurkeyEver


Robert L

Just bought a Weber Smokey Mountain 22.5 inch. Can I smoke a turkey and duck at the same time?


Kevin Kolman

You can you my friend. I would though put the turkey on the bottom rack and the duck on the top rack since the duck will probably get done a lot quicker then the turkey. Keep me posted on any techniques or info you need to make sure they come out perfect. You can always find us here on on Facebook and Twitter and Kevin Kolman’s backyard and always Happy Grilling!!


Rick B

Cookbox and trim pieces on my Weber Genesis Grill are corroded and peeling. Where can I purchase high heat paint to resurface these parts?


Kevin Kolman

Hello Rbacch,

Please contact Weber Customer Service at 1-800-446-1071 for assistance.

Happy Grilling!


Pete K

Hi, Kevin. Just wondering about how big of a turkey I cook on a 22.5" One-Touch grill?
Thanks, Smokey Pete


Kevin Kolman

Hi Smokey Pete,

I would not go any higher than 22-24 pounds. There is a height restriction because of the distance between the grate and the lid. If you stick with the above weight, you should have no issues. Have a great Thanksgiving!

Happy Grilling!


Roderigh G

Hi Kevin!
Thanks for your great tips! I own a Weber One Touch gold grill for a couple of years now and starting to be a famous griller (amongst friends ;-) I would really like to start experiencing with the American style slow n low grilling. I finally found a butcher who can deliver permium cuts of beef and other meat from around the globe... Mjammy!
The only thing I'd like to know if you have any tips on charcoil. I use the Weber Premium Briquettes for long lasting heat. But how do you keep the temp steady for a longer period?
Last time I had my chimney starter as a backup heater while grilling because when I only put on cold Briquettes the temp drops to much.

How do the experts work? All YouTube-like movies start with preparation. Putting on the meat.Then nothing and...I'ts ready. No movie I've seen shows the actual grilling! Can you help me?

Greetings from The Netherlands
Roderigh Groenland


Kevin Kolman

Hi Roderigh:
Congrats on owning a One-Touch Gold. There is nothing better than a Weber charcoal grill... nothing! Also, congrats on finding a butcher who can deliver meats to you and help turn you into a legend amongst your friends! If you are going to be smoking on a Weber charcoal grill I suggest a couple of things. First, place the coals on one side of the BBQ. This should be about 30-40 briquettes of lit coal. Then place a large drip pan directly in the middle of the charcoal grate and fill with water to about 3/4 of the way full. This will help reduce temperatures in your grill along with adding some humidity to the grill to help the smoke adhere to the food you are trying to cook low and slow. Then add 7-8 unlit pieces of charcoal every hour to maintain the temperature of the grill. Keep in mind you want to maintain temperatures around 225-250 degrees Fahrenheit. I hope all of this helps and if you have any other questions let me know. Happy Grilling!!! -Kevin


Joel R

Hi Kevin, I'm a Weber veteran, been grilling all my life. I just got the 22" smoker and it is truly fantastic. I have a serious question though, research has found no answers.

I have smoked 2 turkeys, 4 pork picnic shoulders, one pork boston butt, and 2 slabs of spare ribs. Shortly after my first two sessions a thick tar like substance has developed on the lid and walls. This was no surprise but the problem that occurs is something I am concerned about. When this "goo" cools it is like an epoxy glue. I can't open the lid or open the door to add charcoal/water/wood. In an effort to open the top I think I have stressed the handle, bent it a little, which of course means that the porcelain enamel has been stressed, I can hear it creaking. I don't want to damage my smoker and seriously, the lid is hard glued shut. I know I can heat it up to open but I need a better solution. What is this stuff, how do I minimize it, and am I doing something wrong. I hope not because the food has been nothing but spectacular.


Kevin Kolman

Hi Jrusche:
Happy New Year and congrats on the 22.5 inch Smokey Mountain Cooker Smoker!!! Looks like you are starting the year off right, hopefully making a couple New Year's grilling resolutions for 2012 that will last all year long. I completely understand the passion of owning multiple smokers as I owe a few myself.

The "goo" you are speaking of, is carbon build-up from the grease, smoke and moisture from inside the smoker. This is not toxic or harmful but I would try not to get it on your clothes. In order to avoid this build-up, I wipe down the inside of the lid and rim around the mid section of the smoker with warm water and damp paper towels or rags. This helps to remove most of the carbon that can build up in your smoker. If you are noticing problem areas, use warm soapy water and either damp paper towels or rags to wipe down your smoker. Also it is a good idea to periodically give the smoker a deep cleaning every six months to a year.

Congrats again on the smoker which by the way is one of my favorite Weber products. I hope this info helps. Happy New Year and Happy Grilling!!! -Kevin



Hello Kevin
I am going to have a gathering of 11-12 adults at my home for my company party and want to use my Weber S-670 to cook a large piece of beef of some kind. If we have extra, leftovers are OK with me. I love my rotisserie and was thinking of trying to use it for the beef. So my questions are, 1: What cut of beef to use? 2: How large of a cut should I purchase. 3: Is it better to rotisserie, use a grilling rack or put it on the grates?
4: The best way to make sure each person gets the beef cooked to the doneness they like?
5: Any tips for cooking would be appreciated


Kevin Kolman

Hi Ken_Man:

Now this is what I am talking about! Entertaining with a Weber Summit S-670 is great!!! I love this grill and I know your guests will too.

First check out the great prime rib recipe on this holiday website here: The great thing about your Summit S-670 grill is it has the infrared rotisserie system which will do a great job in caramelizing the roast so I would definitely use this feature. When using the rotisserie make sure you only use the infrared rotisserie burner for about 20 minutes. Caramelizing will provide a large amount of the great flavor to your roast. Make sure you do not want to over caramelize the outside of the prime rib.

You will probably need about a 6 rib roasts for your party. If you go without the ribs you will need about a 9 lb roast. My recommendation is to first ask each party guest how they would like their meat prepared (medium, well done, etc.). Since the roast will cook from the outside in you can gauge the time that the roast stays on the grill by how done you want the center cut to be.This will ensure your guest will have the beef done to their likeness.

Additionally if you are looking for a simple rub, use Herbs de Provence. This combination of herbs gives the roast an amazing flavor and smell. Also, don’t forget the horseradish sauce. Simple recipe I can pass along is 1 tablespoon mayo, 1 tablespoon sour cream, 1 tablespoon green apple puree and 1 tablespoon horse radish.

I can't wait to hear how the roast comes out. Happy Holidays and Happy Grilling!! -Kevin


Bruce Eric A

Having lived in Texas for a long time, I would often cook our Turkey or duck on my Weber charcoal grill to free up kitchen oven space and also keep from heating up the house further. We now live in Minneapolis so the heating of the house is not an issue but space is -- and I'm now embracing firing up my Weber charcoal in the snow and occasionally my Weber Q on weeknights when I want to grill but don't have the time to linger over the grill. I hope to add a Weber Smoker to my line-up and perhaps a rotisserie. It's great to see that Weber is embracing social media and a blog. I'd encourage you to engage with the Chris at Virtual Weber Bullet when appropriate and other passionate Weber fans and the broader grilling community. Thanks, Kevin. @bruceeric


larry W

I have only had my Weber 320, with the side burner, about two months. I had a Weber charcoal kettle for 6 years before that but as much as I like the smell of a charcoal grill and taste , the wife insisted on a gas grill so she could get it started. Bless her ! I had owned a cheap Char Broil years ago and it was junk. Flare ups and rusted to pieces right out of the box it seemed like. So. Here we are. This grill was exspensive but worth every penny. I bought mine through Amazon and it went great ! This is a big grill. I will say make sure the grill you are ordering comes with cast enamel grates! It just plain makes this grill.
Ok grilling steaks is fabulous ! We grilled our Thanksgiving day turkey and it was sooooo easy and it was fantastic! I heated the grill to 500. Shut off the middle burner and set the left and right to just under 1/2. It settled on 325 [ temp gauge is great ] and never moved 2 degrees for the entire cooking! At the prerscribed time I checked the temp and it was on the money! The picture above is exactly what mine looked like !! Everyone loved it ! It freed up the kitchen and oven for the wife. She loves the fact that I was able to handle and prepare the raw turkey outside too. Also prepared the gravy on the side burner. This grill is fantastic! It isn't should you buy it. Its what size. This is almost too big for the three of us. I use it about 3 or 4 days a week so the next size down might have been the better choice for economy on the amount of gas. Who cares ? LOL Enjoy !!


Daniel N

Hi Kevin,
I'm planning to grill a turkey rotisserie-style for my wife's family on Saturday. I have a Summit 450 grill. Is there a size limitation on the turkey to use the rotisserie? We bought a 20 lb. turkey and I'm wondering if it will be too large to use the rotisserie.
Dan N.


Kevin Kolman

Hi Dan N:
Actually there is a size limitation for all of our rotisseries and it's 20 pounds. You should be just fine grilling your turkey. Hope the turkey turns out great!! Happy Holidays and Happy Grilling!!-Kevin


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