Father's Day Giveaway

Father's Day Giveaway

When I grill and smoke foods, I do it for the love of others especially for my family and extended BBQ family.  It is the most honest gift I can give to my family and friends because it truly comes from my heart.  I spend countless hours preparing, researching and testing new and creative ideas to ensure each meal is delivered perfectly when it hits the plate. 

Each time I envision a meal, I start by choosing which Weber I am going to use. I then follow with what type of meat I am going to be grilling. When grilling I need two things—the best grill possible (obviously Weber) and great quality meat.  These two things are the most important part of any recipe because without them you have nothing.

With Father’s Day right around the corner I want the absolute best results when heading out to my Weber grills. I have to because I am honoring one of the greatest men and grill masters I know, my dad.

This year I was lucky enough to meet my new friends at Snake River Farms and Double R Ranch. They introduced me to their awesome products lines.  Snake River Farms beef can be described as American-style Kobe or American Wagyu and pork which is Kurobuta (100% Berkshire)  Double R Ranch is both USDA Prime and the top 1/3 of USDA Choice. 

When it comes to meat and pork they are at the top of my list.  I have grilled many of their different cuts and truly loved the experience. The flavor and consistency of their products are top notch and I know my dad is going to love them.

After grilling with some of their products, it got me thinking—wouldn’t it be great to be able to get our Weber family members some products to grill with for Father’s Day?  So we are offering 2 Double R Ranch 2lb. bone in Rib Eye steaks to 2 separate winners for a Father’s Day gift pack. I hope you and your dad appreciate Snake Rivers Farms meat as much as I have. 

Happy Father’s Day and Happy Grilling!!

Tell us why you should win by commenting below. We will randomly select 2 winners on Wednesday, June 11th at 9:30am ct. Terms and conditions

CONGRATS to Steve F. (We grill year round, here in Detroit. Christmas day is always a grilled tenderloin, whatever the weather.) and Joe G. (Nothing better than double R ranch steaks sizzled on a weber grill. What a great Father's Day.)!!!

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Brad C

My dad started me grilling just over 40 years ago. I have a strong feeling that this is the last grilling season of his life. I would love to show him what all I can do now. I've been practicing 3-5 times per week for a quarter century.


Jagger C

With 5 kids who all have serious appetites, I would imagine this big tender juicy surprise would just about feed us for a meal. Being that I'm the bread winner and Momma stays home, this would not only be a good Father's day, but it would certainly brighten my wife's eye's knowing I would be the one cooking it.


Hal S

I'd like to win this because my wife will probably make chicken for Father's Dad and I'd much rather have STEAK.


Robb W

My AMAZING dad passed away in 1998. He left an incredible legacy! Since his passing, my wife and I have been incredibly blessed with the adoption of 6 girls, for a total of 7 daughters (one bio). I'd be thrilled to honor my dad with a beautiful aroma sent his way, as well as have an incredible meal with my girls. Would love to fire up the grill, and do a smokey reverse sear on a couple 2 lb ribeyes :-)


Kaye N

I just bought my husband a new gas Weber Grill. He is such a good husband and father. He really deserves a 2lb Rib eye for Father's Day to cook on his new grill.


Samantha D

My husband works so hard everyday to provide for myself, our son and our daughter. One of his few pleasures in life is grilling up good eats when he can. He would love this and would feel like a King, which he deserves to feel like every day.


J. S. W

I've done everything from Turkey to Ribs on my Weber, I think it's high time a 2lb Rib eye gets to sear on these bars.


Anthony C

My dad loves to grill, he always uses your supplies. If I would give him those steaks on FATHERS DAY he would be so happy and that would make me feel good knowing my dad is happy on his day


Mike C

My wife kills red meat and I LOVE steak. I can cook on my Weber Performer and the other on my Genesis and finally end this debate between gas and charcoal.


Jennifer B

Love my new Weber Genisis grill and would love some delicious steaks for my awesome husband!!


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