Meet the Bloggers

Meet the Bloggers

Their backgrounds and experience may differ, but there’s one thing each of our bloggers has in common—an undeniable passion for grilling.

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  •  Kevin Kolman

    Kevin Kolman

    I got started with barbecue with my dad when I was age five grilling on a Weber in our backyard.

  • Heather Herriges

    Heather Herriges

    I love a good rib eye steak done medium rare!

  • Jennie Lussow

    Jennie Lussow

    It's a dream job!

  • John  Burns

    John Burns

    My favorite grill is my Genesis Silver B made in 2000. It’s a little beat up after 16 years, but works like a champ!

  • Mark Holzkopf

    Mark Holzkopf

    I have a Genesis, Performer, Master-Touch Kettle, 22” Smoky Mountain, Q1200, and of course a Smokey Joe.

  • Mike Lang

    Mike Lang

    Charcoal or gas? Both.

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