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Gourmet BBQ System



Pizza Stone

Built for Gourmet BBQ System cooking grates
  • Pizza Stone
Enjoy life as they do in Bella Italia. Envision feasting on a gourmet pizza, made in a masonry oven, on a quaint patio in Naples. Now, imagine eating that same pizza in the comfort of your own backyard. Let the Gourmet BBQ System Pizza Stone save you the trip. Whether making pizza, bread, or dessert, enjoy a taste of la dolce vita any night of the week.

Part #8836

    • Out Of Carton Dimensions
      5.08cm H x 33.53cm W x 42.42cm D
    • Individual Carton Dimensions
      41.4cm H x 11.18cm W x 40.13cm D
    • Material
    • Care Instructions
      Brush clean and rinse with water, no soap
      • Features
      • Cordierite stone absorbs moisture for light and crispy thin crust pizza
      • Carry rack makes transporting the pizza quick and easy
      • Fits into the Gourmet BBQ System cooking grate so that it stays in place while grilling
  • Pizza Stone
S$ 96.90 96.9
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