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Premium Spatula

  • Premium Spatula
Delicate fish should be handled with the utmost care on the grates. The wide head of the Premium Spatula picks up the entire fish and carefully turns it so that everything stays in place and each side is grilled as beautifully as the other. This heavy duty spatula is also strong enough to lift large roasts with ease.

Part #6673

    • Out Of Carton Dimensions
      3.81cm H x 18.29cm W x 44.7cm D
    • Individual Carton Dimensions
      51.05cm H x 7.11cm W x 21.59cm D
    • Material
      Stainless steel
    • Care Instructions
      Dishwasher safe
      • Features
      • Wide spatula head for lifting fish and other large items
      • Soft-touch handle offers comfortable, nonslip grip
      • Angled neck reaches over the edge of Weber® kettles, keeping hands and arms away from heat
  • Premium Spatula
₱ 1,639.00 1639.0

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