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마스터-터치 시리즈


70th Anniversary Edition Kettle Charcoal Grill 57cm
Hollywood Gray

  •  70th Anniversary Edition Kettle Charcoal Grill 57cm View

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The limited-edition 70th Anniversary Kettle is a high-quality Weber kettle you’ve come to expect combined with nostalgic and modern features. Nods to different eras of Weber’s history can be found throughout its thoughtfully detailed exterior. Hand-enameled Hollywood Gray, is reminiscent of classic films from the 1950s era when the kettle originated. Other retro features include a solid bottom utility tray for storage, a ‘50s hood-ornament themed lid thermometer, white-walled wheels, and wood-like nylon handles. All of it comes together to create a grilling experience worthy of celebration.

• Hollywood Gray exterior is a nod to ‘50s black and white films
• Store your tools in the utility tray, last featured in 1950s kettles
• Features a stylish ‘50s hood ornament-inspired lid thermometer
• Wood-like nylon handles resemble those on ‘80s and ‘90s kettles
• White-walled wheels commemorate the kettle era, 1952-2022

Each kettle comes with a limited-edition, retro-themed metal sign and bottle opener.

부품 #19521008

  • 크기 - 뚜껑 열림 (센티미터)
    118cm H x 65cm W x 78cm D
    크기 - 뚜껑 닫힘 (센티미터)
    107cm H x 65cm W x 72cm D
    크기 (센티미터)
    총 조리 공간 (센티미터)
    2342 cm²
    무게 (kg)
    연료 유형
    Cooking grate type
    고멧 BBQ 시스템 조리용 경첩 석쇠
    녹 방지 알루미늄 댐퍼
    차콜 바스켓 숯통
    • 특징
      법랑 코팅 보울 및 뚜껑
      턱-어웨이 뚜껑 홀더
      탈착식 고용량 알루미늄 애쉬 캐쳐
      알루미늄 스틸 원터치 클리닝 시스템
      스프링 클립/푸시 핀 레그 조립
      Built-in ’50s hood ornament-themed lid thermometer
      Wood-like nylon handle with tool hooks
      Wood-like nylon lid handle with heat shield
      White-walled all-weather 20 cm rubber molded wheels
      Solid bottom utility tray
      70th anniversary bottle opener included
      70th anniversary metal sign included
      Made in the USA with globally sourced components
  • 보울 및 뚜껑
    10년, 녹에 의한 부식/과연소 침식에 대한 보증

    원터치 클리닝 시스템
    5년, 녹에 의한 부식/과연소 침식에 대한 보증

    플라스틱 부품
    5년, 색바램 또는 변색 제외
    나머지 모든 부품
  •  70th Anniversary Edition Kettle Charcoal Grill 57cm View

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₩ 525,500

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