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New Year's Cleaning

This year make a New Year’s Resolution you can keep. With a Meal-to-Meal Grill Maintenance plan you can extend the day-to-day performance and ultimately, the life of your charcoal and gas grills.
Our Meal-to-Meal Grill Maintenance plan consists of the following three simple, yet important cleaning steps:

  1. Clean your tray. Keep the grease collection tray clean for gas grills and remove ashes each time you grill for charcoal.
  2. Burn off residue. Preheat your grill to 500° to 600° F for at least 15 minutes each time you grill. This will burn off the residue of the previous meal.
  3. Clean your grates. Brush the cooking grates with a stiff wire Weber stainless steel grill brush before cooking.

Check out this latest video blog to see how to keep your grills in tip-top shape.