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How to Use Your Side Burner

Stainless steel burner tubes are the engine that drives a Weber gas grill, but that doesn’t mean they are the only tool you can use to make some delicious food! Many of our models feature side burners, which provide versatility and can kick your grilling game up a notch.

Have you ever wanted to sauté something on your grill? Well a side burner is perfect for that.

Want to boil some corn or potatoes? You’ll want to use a side burner.

Thinking about trying your hand at making a homemade BBQ sauce? Well you get the idea…

Check out a few of the recipes below that call for the use of a side burner and you can impress the guests at your next backyard BBQ by showing them that you’ve mastered more than just burgers and hot dogs!

Big Cowboy Steaks with Whiskey BBQ Sauce

Rotisserie Prime Rib with Cognac Mushrooms

Grilled Pulled Pork Enchiladas