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How To Use A Warming Rack

Pretty much every full-size gas model that we make comes with a warming rack, but a lot of the time they go underutilized, which is a shame since there are so many great ways to use them.

Here are some different ways to put your warming rack to use!

#1) Keep things warm - This one seems like a no brainer given the name, but a warming rack is a great place to just move food to that’s done or almost done that you just need to keep warm for a bit while other food is finishing grilling. Got a few pieces of chicken that are pretty much done but some others that need a little more time? Move them to the warming rack to get them out of the way to keep them from over cooking, but keep them warm!

#2) Secondary grilling area – There are times when I’m grilling a lot of things that call for direct, high heat, like burgers, brats and hot dogs, but I also want to grill something that takes a bit longer and doesn’t need the direct, high heat. Baked potatoes come to mind. I often season them, wrap them up in foil and leave them on the warming rack to slow cook. I’ve used same technique for foil wrapped asparagus, peppers and many other veggies.

#3) Flare up evacuation zone – Sometimes, when I’ve been grilling up something fatty or greasy, usually burgers, I get a flare up. If I’m grilling a lot of things at once and space on the cooking grates is in short supply I might not have somewhere else to move the burger to while the flare up dies down. In this situations I’ve moved the burgers up to the warming rack for a minute or two while the flare up burns itself out.

#4) Bun station –A lot of people like to toast their hot dog and burger buns before eating them. I’ve forgotten about buns that I’ve put on the main cooking grates more than a few times and while toasted buns have a nice texture, burnt buns are just gross. The warming rack makes for a great place to put them without charring them up too much.

So don’t let your warming rack go to waste and get out there and grill!