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Grill LoveSweet thing, you make
my grill sing

Not one for grand feet-sweeping, breath-taking, “You complete me” declarations of affection? All you need are some sweet dessert ideas that’ll honey up the romance without having to resort to big screen drama.  

However, instead of trying to surprise the other person and hide your grill activity (“What  smell? Oh, the neighbors must be grilling again!”), why not make grilling together part of the joy? As some people (probably Weber fans) like to say: couples that grill together, stay together. It doesn’t matter if one of you is a grill novice and the other a seasoned expert, baking desserts with a Weber is pretty simple when you follow the instructions—think of it as a team building exercise, made for lovers!  

Whether it's for breakfast-in-bed or a sultry supper for two, here are three foolproof desserts you can ace together on the first try.

Slow down, toast’s up  

The alarm rings, you get cleaned up and dressed, and head out the door for work as soon as you’ve devoured your breakfast (if you even have time for that at all). Weekday schedules are rough, and if there are kids in the family, weekends too. There’s not a lot of time to talk about how you’ve been doing and what interests you at the moment—sending each other memes don’t really count!  

So, when you can, ship the kids off on a playdate at someone else’s house, and set the morning outside for an intimate breakfast of Cinnamon Vanilla French Toast with Caramelised Bananas. Instead of the usual ‘divide and conquer’ tactic which you’d choose for maximum efficiency on busy days, take it slow, enjoy the process and learn how to make the dish together—time spent with each other is a luxury you can’t buy from the shops!    

Smooth like chocolate  

Since the days of the Aztecs, chocolate has been thought of as an aphrodisiac that had the ability to fuel desire and stimulate romance. Even European royalty was known to, in olden days, gift chocolates mixed with amber to their lovers to ignite the flame.  

While dainty chocolates in pretty boxes are de riguere in modern times, the health conscious can opt for Grilled Fruit and Marshmallows with Chocolate Sauceinstead. Only 10 minutes for prep and 15 minutes on the grill with the multitasking poultry roaster, you won’t have to wait long to sink your fork into this sinful delight.          

Romantic cliché

It’s hard to do romance without being corny. Rather than fight the current, just enjoy the silliness with each other. You can even change the name of our Macadamia Nut Blondies and call it ‘You Bake Me Crazy’ or ‘Nuts About You’ blondies (because they contain nuts, get it?).  

Sure, it charts low on the wit scale, and you’d get boo-ed off the stage if you were doing stand-up comedy, but you don’t have to worry about all that because it’s just the two of you alone under the blanket of the night sky, indulging in a dessert, having a laugh and celebrating your love for each other.