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Fine Dining Grilling: Rack of Lamb

When it comes to "fine dining" grilling (which, yes, does exist) nothing tops a rack of lamb. While I like leg of lamb, lamb chops, and even ground lamb, nothing tops a rack. The rich and tender rib meat is a real treat.

Although prepping and grilling a rack appears to be labor intensive, it is not. Especially since it is so easy to find racks "pre-frenched," with the meat already removed from the bones. Prep time is about zero.

Speaking of bones, I love to grill meat with exposed bones. With a rack of lamb, the love multiplies times the number of bones. My stomach and my heart are easily moved by such a sight.  Plus, there is the whole-chew-meat-off-the-bone factor.

Planning a "big" dinner? This is the recipe. I've made it countless times, and it has never disappointed. Not a lamb fan? Give it a try. You might have inadvertently stumbled on a new favorite meal.