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I Love My Weber Because...True Tales From Our Fans

As told by our Facebook community. I love my Weber because.... 

  • “I love all my Webers because I can grill great meals for family and friends.” - Leif
  • “Have you had my fireside NY strips?  Kettle, Summit, Genesis, even Smokey Joe...cooked to perfection over the years.  Weber ROCKS!” - Max
  • “I can cook breakfast, lunch, dinner & dessert!!!  What could be better?!!!” –Camelia from Illinois
  • “It completes me!!!” –Bill from Ohio
  • “Weber Grills make me a ROCKSTAR!!” -Bbqphx Tracy from Arizona
  • “It has been consistently creating greatness for over a decade and I get all the credit. Love my Weber.” -William
  • “Perfect..... every single time...” -James
  • “My Weber Genesis is 23 years young, works great under pressure, and gets along well with the other family members..Weber fireplace, Weber charcoal, and my cat named Webber!” -Monica
  • “I can't have a more reliable partner in grilling.” -Zack
  • “Fire warms the soul.” -Paul
  • “16 yrs of good times and good food.  I love my weber....” – Tom from Florida
  • “It starts on the first click, every time, going on 14 years. Simply the best gas grill made, period!” -Richard
  • “It's a member of the family, and it never lets me down.” –Mike from Pennsylvania
  • “W-ell E-arned B-est E-verlasting R-espect”- George
  • “Nothing cooks and cleans easier....” -Charles
  • “It's there for me always to help me unwind and help me create something great.” -Samuel
  • “Dependable, versatile, long life, cooks consistently.” -John
  • “The bad boy fires up at even 8 degrees no problem.” Abel from Idaho
  • “Every friend & family member I know brags of the meals I've prepared for them on my Weber grills & smokers. When they want a great dining experience they simply ask are you firing up your Weber tonight?” -Rick
  • “No matter what the size or just know something magical is cooking up...mmmm...mmmm...OW! lol...” –Savage-Cosmos Garden
  • “Its family!” -Arthur
  • “It's my last name I'm obligated to haha.” – Dean from North Carolina
  • “It reminds me of my dad who taught me how to bbq.” –Ron from New Mexico
  • “It brings family and friends together when I am at it.” – Rick from Rhode Island
  • “I can cook anything & everything on it or in it!” –Marlys Ann
  • “It works every time I fire it up!!!  And assists me in grilling the best food, ever...24/7/365!” – Bert from Pennsylvania
  • “Dinner is only a few minutes away.” - Bobby
  • “Because there are Weber Grills. And then everything else.” John
  • “Fashionable yet functionable.” - Akio
  • “It makes every Sunday, "funday"!” - Sean
  • “...they are my boys; all 6 of them!” – Michael 

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