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Easy steps to set-up your Summit Charcoal Grill for food that takes less than 20 minutes to cook.

How to Grill over Direct Heat on your Summit Charcoal Grill

Grilling with direct heat is cooking with the lit charcoal directly under your food. This strong, radiant heat is what most people associate with grilling. Direct grilling is great for small, tender pieces of food that cook quickly such as hamburgers, steaks, chops, boneless chicken pieces, fish fillets, shellfish, and sliced vegetables. The hot grates sear the surface of the food, developing flavors, textures, and caramelization while cooking the food all the way to the center.

So how do you set up your grill for direct cooking?

1. Begin by fully opening the top and bottom vent dampers. Doing so allows oxygen to reach and feed the fire, providing the high heat needed for searing.

2. Place the center support ring in the middle position of the bowl resting on the tabs. Then, place the fuel grate within the center support ring. The proximity between the charcoal and food on the cooking grate creates the perfect sear and restaurant quality caramelization.

3. Pile the charcoal briquettes on the fuel grate above the tip of the burner tube. Placing the briquettes above the burner tube is important for even and fast ignition of the coal from the Snap-Jet™ ignition system.

4. With the lid still open, ignite the charcoal with the Snap-Jet™ ignition system. Do so by slowly turning the control knob to the on position.

5.  With the lid still open, after 12-14 minutes, turn off the gas.

6.  Use tongs or a charcoal rake to spread the charcoal evenly across the fuel grate. This will ensure consistent heat across the cooking grate and perfectly seared food.

7. Place the Gourmet BBQ System™ grate in the top position of the bowl. Close the lid and flip open the Rapidfire™  lid damper. Preheat the cooking grate for approximately 7-10 minutes, then you will be ready to add your food.