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The New SmokeFire Pellet GrillWe do everything for flavour. Even create a new kind of grill.

For the most innovative barbecue in the history of Weber we tried something new: we took the authentic BBQ flavour that charcoal delivers, combined it with the convenience and ease of use from gas barbecues and topped it off by adding precision and high-tech features you only get from electric grilling.

The Difference is in the Detail

The SmokeFire Difference

Sf Cutaway W Logo

Add something salt and pepper can't


Weber Connect is a step-by-step grilling assistant that turns any barbecue into a smart grill, and any barbecuer into a grill master. Its remote wifi access, flip & serve notifications, and readiness countdowns are the secret ingredients to grilling greatness, every time the flame is lit.


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Available March 2020!

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