At Weber, we respect our customers’ privacy and we are dedicated to making your barbecuing experience the very best in the world.

At Weber, we respect our customers’ privacy and we are dedicated to making your barbecuing experience the very best in the world. Our privacy policy and our guiding privacy principles for the collection and use of personal information are summarised below.



We require your contact information and information about the barbeques that you own so that we can share important safety and maintenance information with you.

We track your purchases so that we can fulfil your warranty and provide service and replacement parts if they are needed. This information also helps us to better answer your questions should you contact our Customer Care specialists by phone, email or chat. ‘Quality’ is the essence of the Weber® brand, and we will always stand by that promise. 

We want to ensure that your experience with our websites and mobile applications is fun, simple and without error. Weber uses your data to ensure that we are providing you with a functional user experience that is tailored and updated to suit your needs and interests.

We are always working to develop new products and ways to make your barbecuing experience even better. If you opt in to receiving emails from Weber, we will keep you up to date on new products, technology, recipes, barbecuing tips and tricks, and exciting opportunities with Weber partners. 

Our Privacy Policy

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We guard your information as closely as we guard our own employees? information.

Our privacy and security policies are simple, clear and easy to understand. We provide transparency regarding any personal data that we collect. We will respond promptly to any customer requests or enquiries regarding personal data. If you have questions regarding the privacy of your data, please contact us by email at

Though we are experts at barbecuing, we may sometimes need the assistance of third party service providers for tasks such as shipping, credit card processing and cloud storage. These service providers are rigorously vetted and they are only allowed access to our customers’ data if they meet or exceed our privacy standards. You can find more information about the role of third party service providers in our full privacy policy, which is located here.

Not only do we comply with the applicable laws and regulations regarding personal data but we are also equipped to adapt to changing circumstances and legal standards in order to stay ahead of the curve.