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Elevations Tiered Grilling System



Skewer Set

  • Skewer Set
Experiment with appetisers or sides of barbecued shrimp, pineapple and vegetables while the main course cooks below. The skewers fit into the Elevations Tiered Grilling System, raising them directly above the cooking grates so that your entire meal is ready to be plated when you're ready to eat.

Part #7618

    • Out Of Carton Dimensions
      0.76cm H x 2.03cm W x 34.29cm D
    • Individual Carton Dimensions
      2.54cm H x 9.91cm W x 36.58cm D
    • Material
      Stainless steel
    • Quantity
    • Care Instructions
      Dishwasher safe
      • Features
      • Skewers fit in the Elevations Tiered Grilling System, creating increased capacity in your barbecue.
      • Set includes four stainless steel skewers
  • Skewer Set

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