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Save 35% with this Cleaning Kit

Cleaning Products and Tools



Cleaning Kit

Enamel Gas Barbecues
  • Image for capacity demonstration purposes only.
    Actual product model and features may vary.

Treat your barbecue with a bit of love and care, and it will be looking and cooking like new – season after season. A deep cleaning from time to time can do wonders and will ensure not only the wow effect but also safety and optimal heat distribution. With the cleaning kit specially made for enamelled Weber® gas barbecues you get all the tools you need to keep your barbecue shining and performing at its best. Includes brushes, cleaning products, sponge, cloth and Non-Stick Spray.

Keep your enameled gas grill in top shape with ease

• 30 cm Grill Brush with strong, thick stainless steel bristles for keeping the grates clean
Q & Grate Cleaner for getting rid of dirt on your grates easily
Sponge with rough abrasive side for the grates and Flavorizer Bars, and a soft side for other surfaces
Cookbox Scraper for getting dirt efficiently out of your grill
Spider Guard Brush that makes it easy to get into every corner of the grill
Grill Brush for easy cleaning of the burners
Non-Stick Spray that helps food release easily from the grates
Enamel Cleaner that protects and make all enameled parts shine
Microfibre Cloth for wiping off and polishing your grill

Part #17893

 Free poultry roaster with purchase of selected barbecues.
Purchase the Enamel Gas Barbecues Cleaning Kit and save 35% over purchasing the individual items separately. .
  • Individual Carton Dimensions
    27.4cm H x 18.2cm W x 25.2cm D
    Set of 8 products
    • Features
      Kit with all the tools needed to perform seasonal maintenance on enameled Weber® gas grills
      Good value package
      Includes Grill Brush for the grates, Q & Grate Cleaner, Sponge (2 pcs), Cookbox Scraper, Spider Guard Brush, Grill Brush for the burners, Non-Stick Spray, Enamel Cleaner, and a Microfibre Cloth
      Comes with an easy step-by-step guide
  • Image for capacity demonstration purposes only.
    Actual product model and features may vary.

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Cleaning Products and Tools