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Rice with Chinese Wax Meat

Makes: 4-6
2pcs Chinese Wax Meat
1pcs Chinese Pork Liver Was Meat
2pcs Taiwan Spicy Sausage
500gms Rice
3tbsp Dark Soy Sauce
4tbsp Light Soy
600ml Water
1tsp Sesame Oil
1tsp Salt
1/2 tsp White Pepper Powder
1tbsp Sugar
1bunch Cilantro
Recipe preparation
In the kitchen:
  • In a bowl, mix dark soy, light soy, sesame oil, salt, pepper and sufar till dissolve.
  • Thinly slice Wax meat, cut taiwan sausage into 1inch lenght and roughlt cut cilantro.
  • Wash rice and put into Dutch Oven follow by 600ml water and sliced wax meat and sausage.
  • After 35mins, pour in liquid seasoning and mix till even, then sprinkle cilantro on top and serve hot.
At the barbecue:
  • Prepare the barbecue for indirect heat approx. 200°C. If using a charcoal barbecue, you need 3/4 a chimney starter of lit briquettes.
  • Preheat Grill for 20mins with lid down.
  • Then place Dutch Oven with rice onto Indirect heat and bake at 200°C for 35mins or until rice is soft.
  • Remove from grill, (refer to methods IN THE KITCHEN for next step.