Cleaning and maintenance

There’s always a next BBQ

Weber grills are easy to clean.

Weber barbecues do the bulk of the cleaning work themselves. All you have to do is preheat on a high heat until the food residue burns off. Remnants can then be easily removed from the cooking grate when it is still hot using the specially designed brushes.

  • Clean or change the grease trays regularly. This will further prevent the risk of fire from grease build up.
  • Burn off grates at a high heat, brush down and, if necessary, use a Weber grate cleaner.
  • Only clean enamel and outer barbecue parts with a special barbecue cleaner.
  • CAUTION: Only clean cast iron by hand. Never put it in the dishwasher!
Cleaning Charcoal Grills

Cleaning Gas Grills

Cleaning Electric Grills