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Burger Press
  • Burger Press

Grill a mouthwatering burger, dripping with cheese and topped with a juicy tomato. Or a veggie burger cooked to perfection and placed on a toasted whole grain bun. Whether you’re sticking with the classics or experimenting with something new, the Weber Burger Press is a must-have for the burger perfectionist.

Part #6483

    • Out Of Carton Dimensions
      7.62cm H x 11.43cm W x 13.97cm D
    • Individual Carton Dimensions
      13.97cm H x 8.38cm W x 12.19cm D
    • Care Instructions
      Dishwasher safe
      • Features
      • Designed to make a dimple in patties for flat, uniform burgers
      • Designed to make both 1⁄2 and 1⁄4 pound patties
      • Removable handle for easy storage
  • Burger Press
£ 12.99
incl. VAT
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