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Care and Maintenance

Weber Grill Brush

  1. Scrubbing’s never been this easy. Don’t let yesterday’s grilled fish taint today’s juicy steak. With our Weber Grill Brushes, clean cooking grates easily between sessions by just heating up your cooking grates and brushing off remaining debris.
  2. Engineered for ergonomic cleaning. The Weber Grill Brush comes in 2 lengths that are designed to reach all areas of the cooking grate ergonomically, at a safe and comfortable distance.Choose the 12” Grill Brush for your Portable Charcoal grill, and the 21” Grill Brush for all our Weber Charcoal Grills.

Care and Maintenance

Weber Grill Covers

  1. Protection from the great outdoors. Weber Grill Covers are tailored to your grill to protect them from dust, dirt, rain or snow. 
  2. Designed for durability. Made from thick, quality material, Weber Grill Covers contain UV inhibitors to resist fading, and a water-resistant coating to keep your grill nice and dry. 
  3. Windy day? No problem. Weber Grill Covers come with fastening straps to ensure it stays snug and secure over your grill, protecting it from external elements.