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Smashed Avocado Toasts

  • People

    Serves 4

  • Prep Time

    15 min.

  • Barbecue Time

    13 min.

Serves 4
Prep Time
15 min.
Barbecue Time
13 min.

the Ingredients

Avo Web 1
  • 4 ripe avocados
  • Juice of 1 lime
  • 250 grams chèvre
  • Salt
  • Freshly ground black pepper
  • 8 rashers rindless bacon
  • Butter, to grease hotplate
  • 8 eggs, at room temperature
  • 8 slices dark rye bread
  • Mixed seeds, lightly toasted (optional)


  • 01 Remove one grill from your barbecue and add a half hotplate. Preheat on high for 10 minutes.
  • 02 Cut the avocados in half and remove the stone.
  • 03 Once the barbecue is preheated, grill the avocados, cut side down, for 3 minutes. Remove the avocados from the grill and set aside to cool. Once the avocados are cool enough to handle, make the avocado smash. Scoop out the flesh and place it in a bowl. With the back of a fork gently break the avocado apart. Add the lime juice, chèvre, salt, and pepper. Stir the mixture until just coming together.
  • 04 Cook the bacon for 3 minutes a side directly on the grill. While the bacon is cooking grease the hotplate with butter. Crack the eggs onto the hotplate and season with salt and pepper. Cook the eggs for 3 minutes or until cooked to your liking. Once the bacon and eggs are cooked, grill the rye bread for 30 seconds a side directly on the grill.
  • 05 To assemble the avocado toasts, spread the toasted rye bread with the avocado mixture. On top of this sprinkle some toasted seeds, if using. To finish, place a fried egg and bacon rasher on top of the toasts.

What do you need?

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