My first Weber was a natural gas Genesis G320S which I purchased new in 2005.
I had never known the control to which one could have while outdoor cooking-it all became so civilized. That Weber was both beautiful art and a completely functional cooking tool. However, due to marital ...reconfiguration, that beautiful cooking tool escaped me. I filled that void with "plain" grills until last weekend when I finally got around to replacing MY Weber. The new arrival is a G330S. I have noticed that there is now no rear offset burner for rotisserie cooking, and that such has been reserved exclusively for the Summit series. I had only ever used that function once so it was not an issue, still though, a bit disappointing. I did appreciate that Weber had moved the burner controls to the front of the grill, and freed up the side table for functional use. That alteration easily made up for the deleted rear burner.
I have yet to fire up the new addition to the new family, as I still need to run natural gas to our deck, but the materials and support, as always with Weber, are second to none! Solid construction built right "here"in USA-I'm in Canada. Support is from helpful, friendly people that you can understand, and not outsourced to foreign countries-and they will fix any problem immediately. I like that Weber (still) does not "outsource" their call centers to far away foreign countries. This means much to me as a purchaser.
A Weber grill will outlast all others and cost a little bit more. Matrimonial reassignment is not inexpensive. In the long, and short stretch, both are well worth the extra.
I am going to buy a separate set of cooking grates for my super sexy vegan girlfriend, so that she can also enjoy the Weber experience.