H James

I have no photo at this time but wanted to share my happiness with our new Genesis E-310 Grill. The cooking is simple and easy and it is so good to have an even cooking temperature across the entire grill. What was such a nice bonus was discovering how easy it is to clean various parts without having to take apart complicated bits and pieces , turn screws or bolts , and then trying to reassemble them correctly . Each of the various parts come out easily and fit into a sink where they can be brought back to new with some elbow grease and a good cleaner ! The enamel covering and the weight of the part equate to nothing but quality and it did not take hours to get the job done . Weber , unlike so many companies , put customer focus and concern as well as ease of use into the equation and used quality plus common sense into the parts cleaning and replacement process . It is a joy to know that they are made in the good old USA as well ! Kudos to the Weber Company for caring!!!