This is my Weber Silver that I won in a contest years ago when my children were little (3 & 5). What makes this grill so special is that when it arrived (on a pallet with a stack of other winnings) my Father Doug was so excited to use it that he asked if I minded if he "Set it up." Now mind you, my newly acquired treasures were very important to me and my Father wasn't very...well lets just say, mechanically gifted. In addition, I was on my way out the door to work. After much hesitation I reluctantly agreed. When I arrived home, what was before me was equal to the Leg Lamp from A Christmas Story with one small exception. On the back of the grill below the burner box is a very non purposeful piece of trim that was hanging below and was evidently not complete. My Father just looked up at me and said "I couldn't find that screw." We eagerly fired her up and for the next 15 years never really let her turn off (slight exaggeration for drama). Initially that non perfect piece bothered me, but over time my busy life learned to live with it. To this day that piece of trim is still hanging down constantly reminding me of my Father and how the other 99% of the grill was perfect. Now since then my Father Doug has passed and my children have grown. Tonight I find myself making a huge rack of smoked ribs and a pork tenderloin for my Wife and myself. I Love this grill and it has been the center of Family meals for years. She needs an overhaul and I am not even sure if you still make parts for her but, she grills. Thank You Weber for Feeding My Family. -Coop