Steve and I have had the small portable Weber propane gas grill since the mid 90's and it has seen a lot of abuse at camp-outs and picnics. The charcoal grills he's owned have been cheap ones and we have gone through many of those because they always rust out. A couple of weeks ago he found this 22.5 grill at a neighbor's garage sale. We've used it several times with great results. We couldn't believe the kettle was in such good condition, but it had missing or broken parts. As a good wife, I decided to bring it back to a like new condition. I had a welder reattach the front leg socket and I found a handle with tool hooks for the kettle and a new ash catcher from Home Depot. I just need to replace the old wooden handle at the top and it will be just like new. Weber, you need to make it easier to get your replacement parts! This is my husband with his "new" charcoal grill we just got back last night from the welder and we are looking forward to making dinner on it tonight.